The Universal Reiki

The Healing Realm
By Lady Cas
Artwork and Editing By Paul Styrcula

Reiki = Universal Source energy.

Are you looking for a deeper connection within, but don’t know where or what it is? Tired of searching?  Reiki is the answer. Reiki is the connection to YOUR source energy .Reiki put me on my path to spirituality and in The Universal Reiki Connection-Opening Your Heart and Soul,  I share my story, about the path Reiki took me on, an how I realized the answers to my questions were there all the time.

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This book will help you recognize the signs, as I did.

You will learn about chakras, how they  balance your body.  You will learn how to  tune into your intuition and understand  how those  ” I should have moments “ can now become your “AH HA moments!” Also how to assist with your  health issues such as pain, and  emotional issues. How about money issues, your job!  YES, your life can change in ways that you may find hard to believe!

Your Reiki connection can help you  ....IF YOU LET IT!

In The Universal Reiki Connection-Opening Your Heart and Soul, you will see beautiful artwork for Reiki hand positions that you can easily follow as you work on yourself and on others. Yes, you will learn Reiki I and Reiki II in this book and become attuned to both. I am just an e mail away to answer any questions.

About The Author

Lady Cas studied Metaphysics at American Institute of Holistic Theology, of which Sonia Choquette, a famous spiritual writer, is also an alumna. Lady Cas, Lightworker, Life and Spiritual coach, Reiki Grand Master/teacher of many Reiki modalities. She has taught throughout Florida, New York, New Jersey, and North Carolina.

Everyone finds themselves at ease when Cas is sharing and teaching Reiki. Her reputation spreads quickly, as classes easily are at full capacity. Her favorite saying is “Take my hand; I am holding the door open for you.” Cas makes everyone in her classes feel comfortable simply by sharing her own experiences of how Reiki helped her connect to her inner spirit, as well as channel her personal guides.

Soon everyone realizes that it was their own inner spirit that brought them to her class!  They start to open up as they realize they have had the divine connection all the time but never felt it, until Reiki helped them feel it and see it. Cas just supplied the relaxed atmosphere they needed.

She will show you, too, just how simple it can be. How to relax and find the balance of your inner spirit, which has always been there. You can learn more about Lady Cas at:
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