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Dr. Chujiro Hayashi

Dr Usui met Dr Hayashi as he was announcing his lecture in the street. Dr. Hayashi was very impressed with the sincerity and conviction of Dr. Usui.  When asked by Usui to accompany him in his travels, Dr. Hayashi agreed.  And they traveled around teaching and healing.  After Dr. Usui passed on, Dr. Hayashi became the leader of Reiki. Dr. Hayashi opened a clinic in Tokyo near the Imperial Palace.  It consisted of eight beds in a large room, two practitioners per patient.  One would treat the head and the other would be on the right treating the stomach area, then both would treat the patients back.  The practitioners all worked here doing healings.  They would also go to the homes of sick people for house calls. To become a Reiki Practitioner in that time one had to be accepted by the masters in the Reiki organization, and second had to promise to use Reiki daily and volunteer some hours to practice Reiki regularly in the clinic. Dr. Hayashi passed on Tuesday, May 10, 1940.  This was just prior to World War II and it was clear that Japan would enter the war.  Being a Reserve Officer, Dr. Hayashi knew he would be recalled to duty and therefore become responsible for killing many people.  This he did not want to do, and so determined to end his life.  In addition he wished to, and did, pass leadership over to Reiki to Mrs. Takata (perhaps because she would not be in Japan and therefore relatively safe and able to continue the practice).