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Reiki Sessions with Cas

E mail me for your free Reiki Session!

It will be a distance session


“This is not your everyday energy session!” Linda B.

As a Light/Energy worker, Reiki Master & Teacher I have continued my studies to ensure your Reiki experience is the purest form of positive Universal Energy you can experience. By helping your positive energy flow, through-out your body, YES it is there, and I will help you recognize it! And by connecting with the stream of positive universal energy, you can achieve anything! Need help with your goals in life, love, career or health? Your connectedness to your positive energy source will help you throughout your life time!!

I can assist you in  releasing the resistance to this positive energy source, you will learn to relax and let the energy flow through your Chakras.
(See Chakra page of this site).

Before we even begin your Reiki session, if you choose, we will spend time discussing your thought process, needs, and expectations. Your visions, & goals. I will show you how to connect with the energy flow that is available to everyone, and utilize it for your needs!

This first session is approximately 30 minutes after we talk. Hands on or distance sessions. I spend the same amount of time, whether online (video conference available, IM or in person.)

A standard treatment includes placing the  above, various areas of the head, shoulders, heart, stomach, knees and feet. I may also use other hand positions for specific concerns you may have. Each position is held until the positive energy is flowing. Actual treatment may last 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the need.

Some experience various sensations during a Reiki session; however, most people feel the energy as warm or cool feelings as well as a tingling sensation. They may feel tingling, vibrating or waves of energy from the hands of the practitioner. Nearly all feel a  state of relaxation in addition to some feeling a glowing radiance that surrounds them. As I assist the positive flow of YOUR energy, the Reiki energy begins to release blocks caused by tension, anxiety, fear, or other negative thoughts and feelings. Some people drift off to sleep or report a floating feeling. Some see colors or report spiritual experiences and visions. At the end of the treatment, one feels relaxed and refreshed with a positive, more balanced outlook.

You will receive a discount for 4 consecutive weekly sessions. This is available after your first session. Just E- mail me for discount information.
Reiki can be used as a positive influence of your life time goals. Like an assist from a life coach! I am here to help you connect with your source energy. Namaste

Namaste’ "I honor the place within you where the entire Universe resides. I honor the place within you of Love and Light, of Truth and Peace. When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, there is only ONE of us."