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Frequently asked questions!

What is Spiritual or Reiki Healing?

How long will it take me to feel the effects from a Reiki session?
It Is possible to feel the effect from your first session, however it is recommended that new clients have at least 3 sessions to secure a good start to accomplish your goal.

If I come with a particular emotional or physical problem, how long will it take to correct?
Well, this depends on the severity of the problem and the sincerity of the client committing to change! There are a lot of people who like the attention they get by talking about their illness, or problems. You need to WANT change in your life for it to happen! If you are sincere, I have seen change within a month or two!

What changes can I expect?

    I have noticed that change comes in three phases:
1. Heightened awareness of your thinking and behavior pattern, towards your goal.
2. You will start to become uncomfortable with them as a result you will begin to think differently about yourself & your place in life! This is where the universal laws are revealed to you.
Your actual outward behaviors concerning your environment, your relationships, and your job...etc. will begin to change, thus initiating the energy changes in the body - the balancing of the Charkas

How long will it take for me to change my patterns of behavior?
This question really is determined by you the client. What is for sure is that you will change, if you stay committed to the work!

Can you heal physical ailments?
I’m not a Doctor. My work is balancing the bodies’ energy. However, what needs to be stressed is that our physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well beings are all connected. It is my belief, that disease in the physical body has it root causes in emotional imbalances. There is a lot of scientific data that supports this premise, so addressing the underlying emotional/psychological matters can help with the physical issues. But please do see a medical Doctor for any physical or emotional ailments, and never, never stop your medications unless advised by your medical Dr. Remember, Reiki is designed to work hand and hand within the medical field.

Can you help people rid themselves of entities and other spiritual illnesses?
Imbalance is what tears into your spiritual lining. This imbalance can allow negative entities to attach themselves to these tears, and cause additional pain and suffering. I help to heal these spiritual tears, and thus, assisting in the rid of the negative entities. The healthier you are the stronger you are to resist these energies.

Do I have to be Religious or be affiliated with a particular Religious or Spiritual group?
No not at all. Spiritual Healing is Unconditional Love. Everyone has the ability because they exist in the world to receive and be transformed by the powers of healing. It takes some longer than others to evolve in their spirituality to realize this!

What Is Long Distance Healing?
Long distance healing is when the healer and the client are not physically in the same place. In other words a person can be twenty or two thousand miles away and still be a part of a spiritual healing session and receive spiritual energy by the Reiki Master Practioner!

How Does It Work?
Distance Reiki works from the premise that energy is universal, it doesn't heed the human laws of time and distance.

That being said, how a distance session works is the practitioner connects to the client via whatever methods work for them. Some use pictures, names, anything that strengthens the connection.

Once the connection is established, the practitioners treats the client as if they were physically there. Some use visualization methods, others use proxy methods (something physically tangible that the practitioner can feel physically like a teddy bear for instance).

There are a variety of methods to use.

The ones I use are visualization techniques and a strong connection using as much identifiable information as possible (photo, first and last name, location). I picture the client laying down on a massage table and perform the session as if we were doing a physical session.

I prefer to call the client before and after the session to go over any experiences or questions that may come up.

After the session, I provide any feedback I may have for the client, go over the client's experiences during the session, and answer any questions that might come up.

Simply Email Me  and I will walk you through the distance treatment procedure. It is very simple.

How do I make an appointment with you?
Click Here For More Info

I will get in touch with you by phone or e mail which is ever most comfortable for you!

Please if I MISSED any questions  Email Me and I will gladly answer it for you!

Namaste’ "I honor the place within you where the entire Universe resides. I honor the place within you of Love and Light, of Truth and Peace. When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, there is only ONE of us."